The Lancashire And District Healing Association (LDHA)  

Who are We?

The Lancashire & District Healing Association (LDHA) is a non-religious, non-profit making, multi-denominational organization of spiritual healers, who offer their services as a therapy - complimentary to medical practice. It is healing through the power of love, spiritual help, and is simple and non-evasive.

The Lancashire & District Healing Association was formed in the seaside resort of Southport in the early 1950ís. Formed by: Mrs Winnie Lord, to enable like minded people to offer their healing and spiritual gifts to mankind, but without the dogma of religion. The LDHA uses nothing other than the spiritual power of healing and caring.

Our History

The geographical areas we primarily cover, are: Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Cumbria, Merseyside, Cheshire, and North Wales. But we do have members from all over the country. Thus, if you feel the LDHA is right for you, use our Contact page to let us know your interest in joining. For details of membership: Click Here

We hope to continue our expansion in this new millennium, in order to promote the professionalism, and simplicity, of Spiritual Healing.

The Principles of Healing

Spiritual Healing is distinguished from other practices and therapies by being non-invasive. No medicines or drugs are given. No major inroad into the body or mind is made. No treatment is applied to the body by the practitioner.

Healing is not just the healing of the physical body, but also of, the mind and spirit. This can be achieved by creating a balance and harmony. Healing is a complete complementary therapy.

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